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Co-op Bird Record (pdf) lists the birds recorded on the Co-op each month since 1995

The Co-op is rich in birdlife


Since 1995, members have recorded 139 species. These include the threatened Powerful Owl and other species that are rarely found so close to Melbourne such as Spotted Quail-thrush, White-throated Night-jar (breeding), Lewin’s Rail, Spotless Crake, Olive Whistler, Red-browed Treecreeper and Fuscous and Yellow-tuffed Honeyeaters.

Living so close to nature, as we do on the Co-op, gives us the opportunity to observe at first-hand the comings and goings of the various species with the seasons and climate variations.

Information on Local Birds


The Birds in the Bend of Islands page on the Bend of Islands Conservation Association (BICA) website has been recently upgraded and is now quite comprehensive with Survey Results, Checklists, and lots of Identification Assistance.

Owlet-nightjar Breeding on the Co-op (pdf) is a 3-page report with 14 photos on the Owlet-nightjar breeding event on the Co-op.  The report was prepared by Frank Pierce and has been reviewed by Peter Menkhorst, of Arthur Rylah Institute, who has confirmed his agreement with the conclusions.

White-throated Night-jar Breeding on the Co-op (pdf) provides a brief outline of records of the WtNj on the Co-op since 1995 and documents a 2019 breeding event.

Please email Frank Pierce with any queries or interesting sightings.

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