Be a Member

Do you value and respect the environment and love the idea of living in your own “national park”? 

Round the Bend Conservation Co-operative may be the place for you!


We’re looking for people who:

  • Will actively care for the bush through strategic planning and practical ground work

  • Want to live in a natural setting where 128h is your garden and you share it with the wildlife

  • Are prepared to actively participate in running the Co-operative.


If you think this sounds like you, and you like what you read on our website, feel free to contact us for a chat.

Call Richard on 0414 364 784

The first step towards membership of the Co-op is to become a Friend of the Co-op.  This allows you to get to know us and to get involved in our activities. 

If you then decide you want to seriously pursue Membership (i.e. purchase a share), you can apply to become an Associate Member.


As a prospective Associate you will be provided a copy of the Rules and Lease and will meet with Directors to discuss the Membership process before embarking on the journey and paying the application fee (currently $400).

Membership process

Associate Members receive an outline of the membership process, a list of contacts and detailed information about the Co-op’s structure, management, and financial options for buying a share. (Note: because of the structure of the Co-op, bank finance is generally not available.)

The membership process is a structured process designed to ensure that prospective members are fully informed about the Co-operative and what it means to be a member.  This includes:


  • A series of meetings with Directors,

  • Participation in Co-op activities including work parties and committees

  • Attendance at Co-op meetings

  • Meeting with other Co-op members


At an appropriate time (and on the advice of Directors) the Associate may make a formal application to become a Member.  Directors and Members consider the application at a meeting with the Associate in attendance.  Directors vote on the application.



Once approved by Directors as an accredited purchaser Membership is achieved upon the purchase of a share. The status of accredited purchaser has a limited duration of 12 months.

Shares for sale

Site 6 - site and house (under contract)

Site 13 - site only

Site 16 - site and house (under offer)

Site 17 - site only 

Site 24 - site only (see below)

Share for sale (site 24)


This is your opportunity to purchase a leasehold share in Round the Bend Co-operative and play an active part in residential conservation.

  • Live in the beautiful surrounds of natural bush

  • Observe the wildlife, flora and fungi

  • Smell the eucalypts!

  • Be part of a unique group of people who live on, and manage the land, to protect, conserve and enjoy its indigenous nature.

This is the best piece of bushland close to Melbourne.

The site is situated off Skyline Road, near the first entry point to the Co-operative and this membership entitles the purchaser (subject to approval by the Board of Directors) to build a fire-approved dwelling in which to live.



Ring Roch on 0418 523 465 for more details.

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