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Vale Tim Ealey

Tim Ealey died in late October after battling a chronic respiratory condition over several years.

Tim was one of the major figures who were inspirational and instrumental in protecting the Bend of Islands and developing the Environmental Living Zone (ELZ). Tim provided the intellectual and scientific heft behind the concept of ‘Residential Conservation”.

For members of Round the Bend Conservation Co-operative, Tim was not only a co-founder but a pioneering conservationist whose tireless efforts helped shape the way the Co-op operates today.

One example of Tim’s pioneering approaches was to introduce mosaic burning into the Co-op’s land management plan in the early 1970’s. Today it is recognised as ‘indigenous burning’.

Whether it was ground breaking research on kangaroos in Central Australia, early scientific expeditions to Antarctica, establishing the first Australian University Environmental Science course, or rehabilitating mangroves on Western Port Bay, Tim’s energy, charisma and infectious sense of humour were truly a force of nature.

Recognising Tim as one of the ‘giants’ of conservation is not without its irony. Tim was, some would say, ‘height challenged’ and a fitting legacy is to have the enduring association with a tiny marsupial he discovered in the Pilbara, named after him: Ningaui timealeyi.

Tim was indeed the mouse that roared.


Dr. Tim Ealy OAM

29 March 1927 - 21 October 2020

For more about Tim:

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November 2020


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