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Hibbertia porcata nomination

Round the Bend Conservation Co-operative has a large population of Christmas Guinea Flower, Hibbertia porcata (taxonomically revised from H. pedunculata in 2013).

Ours is the major population of the two currently known within Victoria and both are in the Shire of Nillumbik.

Practical steps to protect and increase the occurrence of this iconic species on the Co-operative have been implemented as part of our overall Flora Management Strategy.

Recently Warren Tomlinson, the Shire of Nillubmik Biodiversity Officer, prepared and submitted, a Nomination to the Victorian Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) for this species to be listed under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988. This nomination has now been accepted for review by SAC, though this process can take some time.

It is hoped that elevation of the status of this rare plant will facilitate the acquisition of grants to further study and implement appropriate protection and management strategies.

Frank Pierce


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