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Ewen Gellie Tribute Bike Ride

Morning tea at Woori Yallock

As a tribute to Ewen, on Saturday 23 April a group of riders from the 'Bend headed off on a bike ride to Warburton along the rail trail.

Some started at Yering, others met up at Lilydale, Mt Evelyn and Woori Yallock.

It was a chilly 8° start, but it soon morphed into a perfect sunny and wind-less Autumnal day.

Along the way we met a lot of other trail users; families out for picnics, walkers, joggers, horse riders, and of course the full suite of bike riders, the most interesting of which was the penny-farthing rider. He left us in his dust, and we were left to contemplate the skills required just to mount the beast.

We all congregated in Warburton to enjoy lunch together in quiet contemplation on the banks of the Yarra; what we didn’t bank on was the bus loads of international students arriving en masse to join us for lunch. We all watched the black ducks rafting down the rapids, and then it was time to ride home.

Lunch by the river.

Back at Yering we were treated with two para gliders, dropped from a light plane, their parachutes catching the setting sun as they dropped into the paddock across the road.

But the day was not complete without a visit to the Coldstream Brewery where we all enjoyed some local brews, toasting Ewen and agreeing that we should make this an annual event.

Shall we call it the Gellie Raleigh?

(Many of us are old enough to remember when the dominant bike brands were Malvern Star or Raleigh.)

Autumn leaves (a sight not seen in the ‘Bend); a penny farthing; a rafting duck.


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