How the Co-Op Functions

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Our Rules set out clearly and in detail the rights and responsibilities of members and state the necessary procedures for dealing with all matters which may arise.

The Land Management Plan developed over many years details our objectives and strategies together with the policies covering all aspects of work and life on the Co-op. It also contains detailed listings of the flora and fauna of the Co-op.

The Co-op and adjacent land is zoned ‘Special Use 2′ by the local Nillumbik Shire, a zoning superceding the ‘Environmental Living’ zone. The ELZ as it was known was the result of many years of striving by locals to set in place a stringent zoning specifically designed to protect the native bushland environment of the area.

All Co-op members are also members of BICA, the Bend of Islands Conservation Association, the local community organisation which works to preserve the native flora and fauna and the natural beauty of the Bend of Islands area.

Those considering joining the Co-op begin their connection by becoming Associate Members and participating in the working and social activities. Becoming a member involves being accepted by the directors followed by the purchase of a share.

The Co-op has a register of shares that are for sale. Each share leases a specific site on the Co-op. Some sites already have a house and some do not. If a site has a house, it will be part of the purchase.

A prospective member needs to demonstrate that they share our aims and spend some time getting to know us before purchase of a share can be considered. The membership process can take twelve months or more. This process ensures that both the prospective member and the Co-op have the time to get to know and understand each other.

The first step is to becoming a member is to become an associate member.

Understanding the Co-op’s aims and its structure is an important part of considering a purchase. Conservation and co-operation are the mainstays of our organisation, so it is important to understand our Goals and Objectives.

Please contact one of the members listed on the Sales Register page for further information about the Co-op, its structure and the membership process.