Welcome to the website of The Round the Bend Conservation Co-operative.

The Round the Bend Conservation Co-operative Ltd was formed in 1971 with the aim of preserving its 132 ha of native Australian forest.

We are a residential Co-op situated at the Bend of Islands in Victoria, Australia, about one hour northeast of Melbourne. The Co-op is owned by 32 shareholders representing a membership of about 50 adults and their children. To date 22 houses have been built and the membership today is strongly committed to its original objectives.

The objective of the Co-operative is to conserve its land. We focus on maintaining the diversity of plant communities and protecting wildlife habitat. Members are encouraged to build their homes with minimal impact on the land. There are 32 house sites set out within the forest.

The Co-op’s affairs are run by the membership. Seven annually elected directors form the board responsible for the day-to-day business of the Co-operative. Directors meetings are held monthly.

Monthly Sunday morning work parties are arranged to meet the maintenance needs where typically 15-20 members, associates and friends work on weeding, track repairs or paving, surveying and data collection, planting and whatever else may be in need of attention (more….)