Work parties

Our work parties are held monthly and consist of a variety of conservation tasks for the management of our common land.  They focus on the three areas of flora management, burning for biodiversity and soil conservation.  Each of these areas has a strategy or plan to guide us in what needs to be done.


Tasks at work parties may include weeding, planting, surveying, digging, raking, laying bricks (on our access tracks) and general track maintenance like filling pot holes and clearing drains to prevent soil erosion.

Work parties can be strenuous, but are also social and provide a sense of achievement.  They often involve walking through our bushland with other members of the Co-op and offer the opportunity to learn about our environment.   

Work parties are one way that we learn about the indigenous flora on the Co-op, how to correctly identify a weed, and the skills to differentiate one from the other when they look alike. 


Join us on one of our conservation work parties and learn how we manage our bushland.

Email us using the contact form

to let us know if you are interested and read the below document prior to attending.

Work party safety and participant check list.